Green Valley - EcoCity

Land Panama, Panama City
Price $901.000


Price: $900,000 - $44,000,000
Location: Panama Norte

The project is conceived as an ECO-CITY that will provide residential, recreational and commercial units by taking advantage of the natural surroundings in order to have a sustainable development. The promoters will take care of creating infrastructures of the highest level so that the residents of Green Valley can enjoy an unequalled quality of life. Green Valley will have public areas, four-lane avenues, spacious sidewalks, cycle routes and a lake, all integrated in its native natural environment. Located behind the Panama Golf Club with direct access to the North Corridor is a concept having never been seen in Panama. 

These are high density residential lots destined for tall buildings in which promoters and developers have a unique opportunity of obtaining high-value properties in the market at a good price for constructing great real estate projects.

These are some of the basic parameters for RM3 lots: 

  • Lots from 2,500 m²         
  • Density of 1,500 inhabitants per hectare         
  • Lateral dimensions of 5 to 7.5 meters depending on the frontal length           
  • Repercussions of the lot per home of approximately $8,000.00       
  • Lateral landscaping and wooded areas except access to the building      

General Features



The Panama Investor
Panama City, Panama