PLAZA DEL ESTE IN Costa del Este

Price $2.712.938



Plaza del Este is unique space in its own class, designed to host world- class corporations seeking excellence in an exclusive location.

   A modern and efficient Corporate Building, which is nvironmentally and user-friendly.

Located in the middle of Costa del Este´s business area: over the Costa del Este Boulevard, and right across the street of the Academia Interamericana of Panama and views to Costa del Este’s Central Park.



Indoor and outdoor common areas, reduce investment in sporadic use spaces:

Spacious lobbies.

Central Plaza.

Meeting rooms.

Open terraces and parks.


Commercial Area provides support services , ideal for establishing companies and their teams.

Modern set of elevators with a total of thirteen (13) units throughout the complex.  Ten (10) units for office towers use.


Located on the roof of the East Tower, it has large green areas that provide a relaxed and cool atmosphere, ideal for: resting moments, corporate events and various miscellaneous activities.


    • Terrace and upper park for various activities.
    • Facilities of more than 1,775.02 m² approximately.
    • Located on level 12 of the East tower.


    • Modern systems for access control and video surveillance (CCTV).
    • Luxurious lobbies with information and control areas.
    • From the basement you can only reach the ground floor and mezzanine by elevator and independent stairs.
    • Independent access for visitors parking.
    • Full auxiliary Power Plant.
    • Water storage tanks, and a fire sprinkler system
    • Pressurized emergency stairs for safe and fluid evacuation.
    • Private parking lots for control access offices and security systems.


795.00MT2 @ $3,412.50 = $2,712,937.50

3,171.80MT2 @ $3,255.00 = $10,324,209.00

General Features



The Panama Investor
Panama City, Panama