The Panama Investor Team


We pride ourselves with our ability to provide valuable information to help YOU make the most educated decision possible when it comes to investing, moving, and retiring in Panama.

Our main interest are our clients, and because of this we will dedicate anytime possible for their benefit.

We want our clients to understand that we are here to look after their best interest as well as offering our professional and reliable advice on many issues that any person seeking to move to Panama or invest can inquire.

Our reputation precedes our honest practices in business and investment in Panama. Our strongest tool is information, and our team is always on the edge of current trends in the country.  Regardless of being a fully licensed realtor capable of assisting you in buying, selling, renting, and others, The Panama Investor is beyond a real estate corporation. We provide professional guidance and assistance in almost any branch of investments such as Banking, Insurance,Law, Brokers, Construction,Design, Capital Investments, and more!

Feel free to contact us HERE if you are interested in any of our services, and let us help you achieve a risk free investment.


-Travis Taliaferro-

Travis Taliaferro is an Accomplished International Affairs student from FSU in the City of Knowledge Panama, with a strong research and writing background. He has an in depth understanding and knowledge of Latin American culture. With more than 10 years of experience in the Hotel Service he is fluent in both English and Spanish. A creative Professional with demonstrated leadership ability and commitment to public service. Background includes fundraising and social service as President of the Chamber of Tourism of Boquete between 2011 – 2013. He comprehends the delicate yet important balance between sociological, ecological and economical development for an optimum sustainable environment which is why he developed LaVida Organica as a platform to inform students of all ages about future social challenges in our current systems. As Co-Founder of The Panama Investor he envisions a completely self-sustainable country using the latest technology available to human kind all the way from protecting water sources to food production – to renewable energy and future homes.


-Remington Taliaferro -

Having started his professional life early, he graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of International Affairs. Having been raised up in the development environment, his knowledge of real estate, client service, problem solving, and more has been growing by the day. Experience in most aspects of investment in Panama, corporate management, sales and marketing has been ongoing. Following his family’s legacy in promoting Panama as the best place to live in the world, he thrives to share the knowledge and help people understand why investing in Panama is a smart choice.

Being co-founder of the Panama Investor is just one of the many projects he has managed. Staying focused on the future, leading a healthy lifestyle and promoting wellness at La Vida Optimal Wellness Destination, he continues to be an instinctively organized leader and works on to grow and maintain the company’s day to day activities, to provide our clients with only the best service possible. Being passionate in Photography, Golf, and Wellness he continues to embrace new activities that will allow physical, mental, and emotional growth.