Why choose Panama?

Out of the many reasons here are a few:

One of the world's lowest costs of living for foreigners.

Convenient use of the U.S. dollar as currency.

The best retiree benefit program in the world.

Panama features world-class attractions, a vibrant Miami-style city, exotic tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain refuges in the perfect climate, first-rate golfing, diving, fishing, and islands and beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. With all this and more, you will never get bored!

Some of the advantages of living in Panama are:

-A foreign investor and retiree-friendly government.

-The fastest growing economy in the Americas.

-A quick (2-5 hour) non-stop flight away from major North American cities: Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Tampa, Dallas, Newark, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Orlando, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, and Toronto.

-Panamanians are "globalized", peaceful, friendly, and fun-loving.

-Modern infrastructure and transportation system.

-Inexpensive, top-notch health services and medical care.

-The best shopping in Latin America.

-High speed internet and telecommunication services.

-Great dining in diverse restaurants. Convenient international banking and a strong financial services sector.

-Variety of residential areas from which to choose.

Numerous U.S. publications have called Panama one of the best places in the world to retire and there are many reasons why! Enter for more useful information to help prepare your best retirement plan. You will enjoy a complete, safe, fun, and unforgettable retirement inTHE REPUBLIC OF PANAMA.